Tropical flavors combine with traditional artisan methods to create our delicious Mango Tiramisù. We added a little bit of mango pulp to the cream plus a few drops of fresh lemon juice to balance out its sweetness. We then topped it off with fresh mango chunks for the ultimate flavor. Light and well balanced, this delectable dessert contains only 321 calories, has no preservatives and is the perfect choice for those who want to savor a guilt-free pleasure.

Net weight 120 g. 4.23 oz
Shelf life18 months
Storage informationKeep at a temperature ≤ -18°C-0.4°F


Cream  (56%):  mascarpone  cheese  (51%)  (fresh  cream,  acidity  regulator:  citric  acid),  fresh  cream,  sugar,  fresh  egg  yolk,  glucose  syrup,  mango  pulp  (2,5%),  gelling  agent:  pectin,  acidity  regulator:  citric  acid,  food  colouring:  betacarotene,  flavourings.  Lady  fingers  (25%):  wheat  flour,  sugar,  fresh  eggs,  glucose  syrup,  leavening  agents:  ammonium  hydrogen  carbonate,  sodium  hydrogen  carbonate,  disodium  diphoshate;  natural  flavourings.  Syrup:  water,  sugar,  glucose  syrup,  natural  flavourings.  Decoration:  sugar,  glucose  syrup,  mango  pulp  (5%),  gelling  agents:  pectin,  modified  starch,  acidity  regulatos:  citric  acid,  preservative:  potassium  sorbate,  food  colouring:  betacarotene,  flavourings.  kernels, fresh white eggs, milk sugar and proteins, natural flavouring.

Contain: Wheat, milk, eggs.
May contain: Traces of nuts and soy.

Manufactured in Italy for Vicenzi USA
241 NE 61st Street
Miami FL, 33137

Directions for preparation

For thawing, keep at refrigeration temperatures at last 6-8 hours before consumption. Once thawed, do not refreeze and keep at temperatures of 0/+4°C 32/39°F, consume within 3 days.