It’s always time for Tiramisu!

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Frutti di Bosco


It’s always time for Tiramisú…

Tiramisu will always match with a coffee.

Espresso, Macchiato, Cappuccino, Latte…

Our artisan Tiramisu is perfectly paired with your favorite coffee beverage. At Matilde’s Tiramisu Kiosk we offer espresso, American coffee, cappuccino, macchiato, latte, moka and even hot chocolate. Enjoy an authentic taste of Italy, even on the go. It’s always time for Tiramisu and a delicious Italian coffee from a Matilde’s Kiosk near you!

Matilde Vicenzi

“Matilde” is a fantasy character … but only to a certain extent. We always remember the founder of our company with gratitude and admiration: Matilde Vicenzi, who in 1905 started a small but beloved pastry shop, specializing in ladyfingers, amaretti and sfogliatine. Heroic times, of which there are many testimonies. The most precious testimony is certainly Matilde’s handwritten recipe book, now available online and stored in the company safe. She continues to be an inspiration for us as we look back to our humble beginnings to build our vision for the future.

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